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1, What is a morale patch?

A morale patch is an unofficial patch worn to increase morale, usually humourous in nature. Most of them are velcro backed, so they can be removed from uniforms.

2, Ok I've got a morale patch where can I put it?

Aside from the standard smart arse reply, all of the morale patches we sell are hook velcro backed. So they can be positioned on any loop (soft) velcro (and a suprising number of the other surfaces). They are not supplied with soft velcro backings.

3, Do you make custom patches?

In all honesty not really, we don't make patches, we just design them and have them manufactured.

4, Ok you've convinced me how do I buy from you?

Awesome! At the top of the page just below the logo you'll see our categories. Currently you'll see "ALL MORALE PATCHES" which lists all of the morale patches we have in stock. After that is "GUN POINT GEAR" which lists all of our own patches. Then "MIL-SPEC MONKEY" which in turn lists all of there patches.

5, Don't these come in different colours or something?

Thats right! If you click on a product in a category, you will be able to select which colour you want from the drop down list.

6, Ok now what?

Well if everything has gone well so far you should see a nice picture of the patch on the right of the screen. There will be a brief description of the patch, plus the size of the patch in millimetres and inches. Right at the bottom of the page it says add to cart. Click that and we are nearly there!

7, "Your shopping cart" eh... sounds interesting...

Well thats right, you'll see the product you just put there, in the colour you chose as well. Here you can enter the qty of each patch you want. You will need to select a delivery method as well. For the UK you need to select "Royal Mail First Class". You can then check out and fill your address details in.

8, Ok, your patches are quite reasonably priced, how much is postage?

We send all of our items by Royal Mail First Class. In the case of patches, you can have as many patches as you like for £1 P&P. If you buy bulk you can save loads on shipping!

9, Whoa up there, I want to add more patches!

Of course, if you click the continue shopping button at the bottom of the page, you'll get taken back to category you were just looking at.

10, Ok I'm done how can I pay?

At the moment we accept Paypal and Credit / Debit cards. We use paypal to process our Credit/Debit card transactions and thats where they make it a bit complicated. If you select Credit or Debit card, you will be taken through to a Paypal login screen as shown below. And they try their hardest to make you login and pay via Paypal. If you look just below the Paypal login boxes, there is an option to pay, without logging into a paypal account. This is the option you need!

11, All sorted. Wheres my stuff! I WANT IT NOW!

OK! We will always try our very hardest to have your patches with you as soon as humanly possible. We try to ship all orders the next working day. In most cases the order will actually be shipped on the same working day. Everything is sent Royal Mail First Class. If the value of your order ends up quite high, we may send it Recorded. Royal Mail aim to deliver First Class post the next day. (this is not guaranteed!) This means if you order before 4PM Monday to Friday there is a good chance you'll have your patch the following day!

12, I've received my new patch, its great! What can I do to give you praise for your excellent service and quality product?

Well for starters your too kind, but if you really must praise us you can do it in any of the following ways: You can write us a nice letter. You can Like us on facebook. You can send us a nice tweet. You can tell all your mates where you got your brilliant new patch from. You can make a shrine. (We are not keen on sacrifices.) Or even better, you could send us a photo of your new patch on your kit, we will put them up on Facebook and the website.

13, I've received my new patch, but I've changed my mind and I don't want it. Can I have my money back?

Of course!, Distance Selling Rules aside, we are not dicks. If you change your mind, not happy, colour doesn't match your kit, you've run out of money, your cars exploded, and reason at all, you can have your money back for the item. You get the patch back to us in the condition it was sent to you in, we will happily refund your money. We don't charge a restocking fee or an admin fee, we just want you to be happy. This does mean we will not refund your postage costs, unless we've cocked up.

14, I've got all these patches now, how do I look after them?

Well the best thing to do (aside from sticking them on your kit). Is to put the velcro sides together to avoid it snagging on other embroidered patches. The Velcro loves embroidered edges on patches and will try to damage it whenever possible. If threads on a patch start to pull away and fray, just run a lighter along the fuzzy bit to tidy them up. We will be putting together a "Patch Sheet" in the near future allowing safe storage and display of all your morale patches!